Movement of the Human (MOTH) is a movement + performance design company developed by Malia Johnston with creative collaborators Rowan Pierce, Eden Mulholland and Ian Hammond.

MOTH are multi-disciplined project-based creatives who design for any environment or scale: from the intimate to the mighty.  At the heart of our combined experience is a commitment to realising strong creative solutions, whether that is curating, programming or creating a work from scratch.

As researchers, thinkers and playful investigators working in live movement environments, we are passionate about working in diverse spaces: urban, architectural, external and theatrical.  Creatively responding to environments enables us to frame new, exciting experiences and understandings through the art of performance.  Skilled at working within a project’s framework, our interest is in delivering work that speaks strongly to its audience, provoking powerful and memorable experiences; ones with meaning and impact that endures.

At the forefront of our process is open communication and creative investigation.  Our cross-connection of skills spark ideas and opportunities.  We are a diverse team who re-purpose or restructure existing notions to fit new constraints or space; a resource-aware approach designing for the strongest outcome.

MOTH work on projects locally, nationally and internationally, we also regularly collaborate with other artists and organisations throughout New Zealand; many of these are long-standing creative partnerships.

Movement of the Human and it’s individuals are recognised for their work in the worlds of theatre, dance, installations, happenings, recorded and live performances, sound and audio visual.

We welcome projects with difference and are keen to investigate and play with new opportunities.  We are lovers of theatres, galleries and dance spaces.

And we love what we do.